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Red Mixture Kingsville Wirecut Blend Facing Bricks

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Red Mixture Kingsville Wirecut Blend Facing Bricks
New Kingsville Mixture Wire cut Facing Walling Bricks is prepared from unique type of mud which is processed finely to give perfect appearance to the bricks. Stock type facing brick which is red in color. Handle with new build and refurbishment projects. Has compressive strength and is frost resistive. Climate stable and weather resistive. These bricks are used to make houses and different factories.

1. Height: 65 mm
2. Length: 215 mm
3. Depth: 102 mm
4. Frost resistant: F2
5. Water absorption: 12ů
6. Compressive strength: >25N/mm2
7. Soluble salt: S2

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Dimensions: Height – 112mm x Length – 88mm x Pack size – 528


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