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Class B Smooth Red Perforated Engineering Brick

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Class B Smooth Red Perforated Engineering Brick

Class b engineering brick is a smooth red perforated wire cut brick used particularly where strength, durability and resistance to water and frost are required. It is widely used below DPC level in footings, manhole cover surroundings and retaining walls. It is also used for face work because of its smooth plain red appearance and feature brickwork around window and door reveals because of its aesthetic clean smooth appearance.



  • Smooth texture
  • Perforated
  • Wire cut
  • Size: 215×102.5x65mm
  • Coverage: 60 per m2 in single skin application

Technical properties BS EN 771-1
Compressive strength : 75N/mm2
Water absorption : 7 (Durability designation : F2
Active soluble salts : S2
Salt tolerance * (/range) : T2 – R1


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