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Engineering Bricks

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What are Engineering Bricks?

Engineering Bricks are the type of bricks which are water resistive, damp proof and have extra strength. These bricks are installed where water and acid resistance is required. Though, these bricks have not an extraordinary aesthetic value but they are very strong so make the buildings long lasting and reliable. These bricks help to enhance the structural performance of the buildings. The areas where unexpected fluctuations in weather can occur require these bricks for the manufacturing of strong, tough and weather resistant buildings.

Characteristics of Engineering Bricks:

Engineering Bricks has many characteristics which make them usable in a number of construction projects. A few of them are listed below.

  1. Adds strength to building projects
  2. Specified by their physical attributes
  3. Low water absorption
  4. High compressive strength
  5. Ideal for masonary works
  6. Damp proof

How engineering bricks are made?

These bricks are made by extruding 15% moisture to the clay. These are made through wirecut procedure and a specific shape is given to them.

Difference between facing brick and engineering brick:

Facing bricks are the bricks which have extra aesthetic value and are chosen for the construction of buildings which need a more beautiful and presentable look. These bricks have excellent physical attributes but less than engineering bricks. Engineering Bricks are the bricks which are used to manufacture the buildings which need more strength and damp resistive capacity. So the main difference between these bricks is that facing bricks are used because of their high aesthetic value and engineering bricks are preferred for their physical attributes.

Uses of Engineering Bricks:

Engineering Bricks have many uses. These were formerly used in civil engineering and are most desirable to use at places where strength and opposition to frost attack and water is very crucials. A few uses are given below.

  1. These bricks are used to create strong and tough walls
  2. Used to retain walls
  3. Helps to deal with damp conditions
  4. Used in manholes and sewers
  5. For groundworks
  6. Being durable and strong, these walls are best for freezing conditions
  7. Adds structural integrity to any project
  8. Ideal for below and above constructions
  9. Ideally used for bridges, tunnels and canals because of low water absorption capacity

Classes of Bricks:

There are 2 different classes of Engineering bricks which are given below.

Class A:

Class A engineering bricks have water absorption less than 4.5 percent and compressive strength greater than 125N/mm².

Class B:

Class B engineering bricks have water absorption less than 7 percent and compressive strength greater than 75N/mm².

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