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Facing Bricks

Bricks are basic building blocks of any kind of construction project, for building homes or any kind of edifices. These are used for construction projects from a very long time and there are many monumental places which give us the example of ancient bricks which are still present and give an aesthetic look to the viewers by their historic appearance. Bricks has become the obvious choice of builders to make aesthetic and next level buildings and constructions. These bricks are used in contemporary as well as modern projects.

What are facing bricks?
Facing bricks are one of main types of bricks which are ideally used for building purposes. These are the bricks which are facing outward of the building, meaning the facing side of the building is manufactured of these bricks. These are stronger enough to give a dense and hard foundation to the buildings. These bricks are finely processed in a kiln either with traditional or modern methods.

These bricks are widely suggested by the builders to create an aesthetically pleasing look for the spectators. These bricks have impressive colors which make the buildings more presentable. These bricks are thermally stable and frost resistive which make them useful and ideal to deal with severe weather conditions.

Uses of Facing Bricks:
Facing bricks has many uses. These are used to make appealing buildings because of their attractive look. Ideally used outside of the home. It is ideal for single skin walls where the face is visible from both sides. Smooth textured facing bricks are installed at the places where a smooth appearance is required. These come in different colors and different textures so used to create decorative and monumental walls.
Red smooth facing bricks are used where ornamenting is not selected and where consistent color is required. These bricks usually have high water absorption which make them very useful in the rainy season.

Colors and texture of Facing bricks:
Facing bricks comes in different colors and textures. These include Red facing bricks, Grey facing bricks, Blue facing bricks, Yellow facing bricks, all of which creates a unique and extraordinary appearance and are used for masonry projects. While red bricks give your masonry a modern feel, other colors of facing bricks such as cream or buff will give a warm stone effect that creates a more natural exterior.

Facing bricks commonly come in sizes 65mm, 68mm, and 73mm and offer styles such as wire cut, extruded, drag wire, rustic and smooth.

Why select us?
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